Jim 2 Snakes

Keeper of the Sacred Fire Jim 2 Snakes Jim 2 Snakes is a spiritual advisor who helps those who seek out guidance in their life. He is experienced in the traditional Q’ero fire ceremonies and is often chosen as the Keeper of the Sacred Fire in local pagan festivals. Show Me Examples Scope of Work […]

Barbara La Pointe Coaching

Divorce and Life Coach Barbara La Pointe Barbara La Pointe is a divorce coach in Calgary, Alberta. She was just starting her career as a divorce coach and lacked visibility and authority. Barbara initially approached me to be a cohost of her podcast, The Broken Families Podcast.  As I helped Barbara build her brand through the […]

The Broken Families Podcast

Broken Families Podcast Content Marketing, Podcasting Launching The Broken Families Podcast I helped Barbara La Pointe launch her podcast The Broken Families Podcast on February 14th, 2021. Each episode would dive deep into topics surrounding divorce, parental alienation, and high conflict relationships.  Barbara was keen on having me as her cohost as we both had strong chemistry. […]

Momentum Taekwondo

Momentum Taekwondo is a martial arts club in Singapore. I partnered with them to refresh their website and improve their web copy.