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Launching The Broken Families Podcast

I helped Barbara La Pointe launch her podcast The Broken Families Podcast on February 14th, 2021. Each episode would dive deep into topics surrounding divorce, parental alienation, and high conflict relationships.  Barbara was keen on having me as her cohost as we both had strong chemistry. We are also subject matter experts in these areas.

Barbara La Pointe and I released episodes every 2 weeks, each episode lasting for 1 hour. We brought on and interviewed many esteemed guests including but not limited to Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute, Ginger Gentile the director of the documentary Erasing Family, author Aryeh Green who wrote My Israel Trail,  and false allegation expert Dean Tong.

Several episodes of The Broken Families Podcast also featured our own personal experiences where we discussed Narcissism, high conflict relationships, and parental alienation in depth. In episode 5, guest speaker Ginger Gentile mentioned one of my articles Why Don’t Alienated Children Speak Out and we discussed in depth the reasons behind why so few former victims of parental alienation speak out publicly about it.

In addition, some of the podcast material was repurposed into divorce blog content to grow Barbara’s brand.

Additional Roles within The Broken Families Podcast

In addition to being a co-host, I managed all the editing of each episode, wrote summaries for each episode, and scheduled all interview guests. I was the co-host for a total of 30 recorded episodes, of which 22 episodes have been released. I wrote podcast summaries for the 22 episodes that have been released.

Video Editing

All episodes were recorded on Zoom in video format. I would use the program Da Vinci Resolve to cut out long pauses, filler words, and any erroneous material to produce a cleaner episode. The finished episode would have our intro and outro, as well as a seamless conversation. I rendered each episode in both MP4 and MP3. These formats would be uploaded onto YouTube and onto the podcast hosting site Buzzsprouts. 

This allowed listeners to tune into the podcast on multiple platforms. Through Buzzsprouts, the podcast was available to listeners on all major streaming platforms including but not limited to Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora and more.

I also formatted and wrote all social media captions and promoted the podcast to Facebook groups to boost visibility. Each episode that was scheduled for release would also be scheduled to be posted on Facebook.

In addition to publishing full-length episodes, I also edited smaller highlight videos and published them on YouTube. This helped maximise audience viewership and catered to audience members who could not watch the full 1-hour episode. This would also encourage binging the smaller highlight videos and promote the podcast further.

A Helpful and Free Downloadable Document

Both Barbara and I recognised how important it was for listeners to have additional resources after listening to our episodes. Statistically, humans retain less than half of what they learned 1 hour after their training. After 1 day, they forget up to 70% of what they learned. And after 6 days, people forget up to 75% of what they learned.

To help our audience we included a  free, downloadable document that summarised each episode for our listeners. Listeners could print and review these documents at their leisure. These documents would also include helpful strategies that our guests would share with us. 

I also included additional resources such as books, websites, and videos that listeners could look to for more support. Each document would be about 2 – 5 pages long. 

There was very little information overlap from episode to episode. Thus, each document featured new information without being a repeat of a previous episode.

I wrote downloadable summaries for 22 episodes before departing from the podcast. All graphic design was done by Barbara’s graphic designer Amber Hark.

Scheduling of Guest Speakers

I was in charge of onboarding guest speakers. Barbara would tap into her network and find potential interviewees and then direct them to me.

I scheduled guests with the use of email templates. I wrote the email templates so that I could maximise efficiency. This also allowed me to still be able to customise each email with respect to the guest speaker. This email chain would first onboard them with a warm introduction to the podcast. This was followed by an email to schedule their interview. Prior to every interview, I would send an email detailing the logistics of the podcast.

Guest speakers also received a list of 8 – 12 questions that we would ask them. I ensured every guest knew the focus topic prior to the interview and would be adequately prepared for the interview. 

After every interview, guest speakers received an automated thank you email as well. Once the episode was launched, a final thank you email was sent to the guest speaker. This email included all the relevant links to their episode so they could share it with their audience.

Growing The Broken Families Podcast

I was a cohost of the podcast from February 2021 – September 2021. Since its launch (Stats taken from September 2021), The Broken Families Podcast has had 2192 downloads across all streaming platforms. On YouTube, the podcast and highlight videos have a total of 3906 views. Barbara’s YouTube channel has a total watch time of 448 hours and I raised her YouTube subscriber count by 476%.

The Broken Families Podcast can be found on Barbara La Pointe’s website here.

On Buzzsprouts, the podcast can be found here.

On YouTube, the podcast can be found here

The Broken Families Podcast Episode Log

Departure from the Podcast

I departed from the podcast in September, 2021 for personal reasons. In total, Barbara and I had recorded 30 episodes. 

Barbara rebranded the podcast for season 2, aptly naming it the Healing Broken Families Podcast. 

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