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Momentum Taekwondo is a Singaporean Taekwondo club. They teach both youths and adults the martial art based on the rules of the International Taekwondo Federation. 

Led by Mikhail Adnan, Momentum Taekwondo hosts school events, Taekwondo camps, as well has running multiple clubs over Singapore. 

The Challenge

The original website that Momentum Taekwondo had was lacking in marketing fundamentals. New visitors were given basic information on the company. However, since its founding Momentum Taekwondo has evolved over the years. They had multiple programs in addition to their Taekwondo clubs. 

The cofounder, Mikhail Adnan, reached out to me about how he could improve his website. After performing an audit on his website, I noticed that there were other issues within the site. 

The website was written in the same manner one would write an academic essay. This is a common misconception from new business owners who write their own material. 

Not only was the copy lacking, but the content as well. Their blog page had multiple blog posts with topics on health, fitness, and Taekwondo. However, when you clicked onto these articles, there was no content, save for ‘Lorem ipsem’ text

The Solution

I began by rewriting their Homepage and their About us page. I encouraged them to remove the blog posts until they had actual content written. In my final submission, I included a detailed summary on how they could implement SEO and content into their customer journey. 

I give Andrew Folker my highest recommendation to any businesses that are looking for copywriting services – be it for their website contents, blogs or marketing collaterals. Because I do believe the increased quality will indirectly convert to sales for your company, and essentially that's something we all want.

Mikhail Adnan

Momentum Taekwondo

Client: Momentum Taekwondo

Services: Website Audit, Web Copy Rewrite

Year: 2020

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