Double Exposure photo of a family with the stars and cosmos. This is meant to resemble family and parental alienation.

Reconnect After

Parental Alienation

As a formerly alienated child, I help parents learn more about what their alienated children are thinking so they can better reconnect. 

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Broken Families Podcast (S1)

As an alienated parent, you get caught in a huge tidal wave of challenges. You find themselves struggling with finances, an ugly divorce, and anxiety. And the worst part is their own kids won’t even look you in the eyes. 

That is why I cohosted the Broken Families Podcast with Barbara La Pointe to help you avoid major pitfalls as you navigate divorce, reconnecting with your children, and rebuilding your life. 

I left the podcast in the very capable hands of Barbara after Season 1 for professional reasons and the podcast has since been rebranded to The Healing Broken Families Podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an alienated parent, it is not uncommon to have a million questions. Here are a list of common questions that I get asked and I hope these answers can help you get the guidance you need to reconnect with your alienated children. 

Do You Offer Coaching?

I do not offer coaching as I work full time as a writer. I choose not to be a coach as finances tend to be tight for many alienated parents and I do not wish to create barriers to your children. 

How do I Reconnect With My Alienated Child?

Reconnecting with your children is a long process that involves a great deal of time and energy from you as a parent. There is no one-way to reconnect and often you will feel like nothing you are doing is working. 

To reconnect with your alienated children, you will need to ensure you are strong financially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Afterwards you will need to separate the child from the source of alienation. 

How Do I Get My Child To Talk To Me?

Your child will believe horrible lies about you. To reconnect with your child you need to open spaces for the child to slowly discover who you truly are. This means you will need to avoid sensitive topics and engage in small interactions with your child. Over time, you can deepen the conversation until your child is emotionally ready to talk to you. 

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If you are hosting a podcast, radio show, or virtual conference, then click below to invite me to your show. As a former alienated child, I have been on both sides of parental alienation. I have spoken at numerous events and platforms where I have shared my story, provided unique insights in the mind of an alienated child, and offered support to parents who are currently enduring this ordeal. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed coach, attorney, or mental health professional. Everything I share is from my own experience. For legal matters please consult an attorney and for mental health matters, please consult a licensed therapist.