Personal Development

How Long is 10 Minutes?

How Long is 10 Minutes? Image Credits: Fidel Fernando on Unsplash. How long is 10 minutes? This was the question my father posed to me when



Supernova Image Credits: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash. At first there was nothingNothing but gas and dustSwirling in the depths of spaceLaying the beginning of


The Carnival of Life

The Carnival of Life Image Credits: Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash. The hour is nigh, a moonlit nightStreamers line the wallsFireworks spiral into the skyLaughter


Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn Image Credits: John Hernandez on Unsplash. A finished painting, better left unpaintedThe artist with an empty mindWatched his brush strokes become taintedVoid of creative


A Sonnet of Space

A Sonnet of Space Image Credits: Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash. SynchronicityWhispered like the windFind the truth within meAnd dance with me again Come now, I shall


The Siren’s Song

The Siren’s Song Image Credits: Ali Inay on Unsplash. Sing for me the siren’s songWhere the horizon meets the seaI collapse in anguish, for all my


Retail: 5 Skills in 5 Years

Retail: 5 Skills in 5 Years Image Credits: Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash. Retail in Retrospect Of the various service based industries I have worked

Personal Development

One Million Dollars, No Strings Attached

#Erased: My Review on the documentary Erasing Family Image Credits: Akshay Nanavati on Unsplash. Just about a year ago, I realised I was approaching a plateau


A Portrait of You

A Portrait of You Image Credits: JR Korpa on Unsplash. Quietly staring at an empty canvas I freeze every single thought Yet your smile brings back


Mother, Mother

Mother, Mother Mother, Mother, I sing your name I wish to hear your voice The hymns and chants of all the saints I disregard as