Keeper of the Sacred Fire

Jim 2 Snakes

Jim 2 Snakes is a spiritual advisor who helps those who seek out guidance in their life. He is experienced in the traditional Q’ero fire ceremonies and is often chosen as the Keeper of the Sacred Fire in local pagan festivals.

Scope of Work

Client: Jim 2 Snakes

Services: Facebook Ad Funnel, Direct Response Sales Letter

Target Audience: 30-45 Yr, Spiritual practitioners, 

Timeline: July/2021 – August/2021

Facebook Ads


Jim 2 Snakes was struggling to find new leads as he relied heavily on word of mouth referrals. Jim also had several coaching tiers available on his Patreon that were not getting enough subscribers. 


After consulting with Jim, I proposed a three part series of Facebook advertisements to attract new leads for his coaching business. 

The ad campaign offered a free lead magnet through a VSL to cold leads. Those who clicked on the lead magnet would then be retargeted by the warm ad which offered a discounted tarot reading using Jim 2 Snakes’ unique 9 card spread. Those who engaged with the tarot reading would be segmented for the hot ad which advertised the Patreon account. 


Jim ran the ads for 2 weeks before choosing to retire from coaching altogether. I would have loved to see if the campaign would have been more successful if we were able to split test the ads. To view the different ads, click the buttons below. 

Here is what Jim had to Say

Andrew met with me and helped me to craft some ideas that led to ad funnels. He asked a lot of good questions, but still allowed me to have a lot of input in the copy, which helped it feel more like "me" talking and not some generic script. It's important for me to be able to connect to people and Andrew helped me with that!

Jim Stovall

Jim 2 Snakes 

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