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Content Writer for Mirasee

As a content writer for Mirasee, I have worked with the internal teams to create content assets for the Mirasee blog, Teach Your Gift Pro (paid community), and as the primary content writer for the in-house marketing agency, MIST Digital.

Writing over...


SEO Optimized

Blog Posts


Social Media



Lead Magnets

And White Papers

Content Writer for Barbara La Pointe Coaching

Barbara La Pointe is a divorce coach who specializes in helping women navigate through high conflict divorce. I helped Barbara write blog content, served as a marketing consultant, and co-hosted the first season of her podcast. 

Highlights from Working with Barbara La Pointe
  • Recorded 30 Episodes for Season 1 of the Broken Families Podcast (Rebranded in 2022 as Healing Broken Families)
  • Wrote 5 blog articles
  • Collaborated with her graphic designer to create downloadable resources for her podcast listeners. 

Copywriting for Jim 2 Snakes

Jim 2 Snakes is a spiritual leader who offers life coaching to those looking for spiritual guidance. I assisted Jim in creating a series of Facebook ads to help him generate new leads for his coaching business.

Highlights from Working with Jim 2 Snakes
  • Drafted and filmed a video sales letter (VSL) 
  • Create 3 Facebook ads for cold, warm, and hot audiences. 
  • Wrote a long form sales letter to help increase his Patreon subscribers. 

Website Redesign for Momentum TaeKwonDo

Momentum TaeKwonDo is a Singapore martial arts company that teaches students of all ages the art of TaeKwonDo. I assisted Mikhail, the CEO, in strategizing for for his website redesign. 

Highlights from Working with Momentum TKD
  • Advised on creating a better user experience on the website
  • Assisted in rewriting headlines and web copy
  • Consulted on general website maintenance tips and SEO 

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