Poem dedicated to a friend that I lost to cancer. This poem is for anyone who has made a huge impact on you as star in your life.

The Carnival of Life

This is a poem written about living purposefully. It was inspired shortly after a new year’s party when I was thinking about personal resolutions.

Golden Dawn

A poem dedicated to a friend. This poem is a dedicated to the divine feminine which offers so much more wisdom than we give her credit for.

A Sonnet of Space

This is a poem written about space, the cosmos, and our desire to explore the vast unknown. Dedicated to a friend who loved space.

The Siren’s Song

The Siren’s Song Image Credits: Ali Inay on Unsplash. Sing for me the siren’s songWhere the horizon meets the seaI collapse in anguish, for all my wrongsAre now revealed to meI kicked and screamed, begged and pleadedTo be released from my bondsI cursed my friends, for they are heathensFor they don’t hear the songO Sirens how […]

A Portrait of You

This is a poem written about romance, loss, addiction, and trauma. It describes the emotional turmoil that occurs when someone you love is withering away.

Mother, Mother

This is a poem dedicated to mothers, whom we as children have come to cherish and adore. I wrote this poem as a gift to a friend who is a mother.