The Siren’s Song

Image Credits: Ali Inay on Unsplash.

Sing for me the siren’s song
Where the horizon meets the sea
I collapse in anguish, for all my wrongs
Are now revealed to me

I kicked and screamed, begged and pleaded
To be released from my bonds
I cursed my friends, for they are heathens
For they don’t hear the song

O Sirens how your beauty strikes me
How sweet your voice sings 
You struck my heart with a bolt of lightning
Enchanted by everything

My friends ignore me, they look with sorrow
As though I were a failure
I scream for more than the song of morrow
Or the eulogy of the sailor

I cried my last tear of electric lust
Their song fades in the wind
To be burdened with truth, knowledge and trust
To become the Ithacan King

Andrew Folkler