The Carnival of Life

Image Credits: Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash.

The hour is nigh, a moonlit night
Streamers line the walls
Fireworks spiral into the sky
Laughter echoes in the halls

A bottle is passed, each fills their glass
With rich summer wine
By the fire they wait for the winter to pass
As they drink away their life

To me they ask, put on your mask!
And join us in this charade
Let us dance and make romance!
To this never ending masquerade

The Carnival begins, yet it never ends
Zombies pretending to be alive
For if the naked emperor has no friends
They wake up to their desolate lives

Joy with strife, it cuts like a knife
So they place their dreams on their shelves
Another trophy for the Carnival of Life
To remain slaves to themselves

A stream of streamers, candlelight glimmers
The sky now hidden with clouds
The candle flickers, then is consumed by winter
And the last bit of warmth dies out

The night is bitter, alone I shivered
Wishing safety to those I belove
Yet the cold unshakeable, I shaked and quivered
Pondering the mysteries of love

So I plead why, the Carnival of Life?
I need an answer to my pleas
They laugh and cry, perhaps this will suffice
The dead need somewhere to retreat

But what about affection? And Self Resurrection?
Why condemn them as lies
Tunnel Vision! You lack interpretation!
The Dead can never truly die!

These bridges of ice, that bridged our eyes
We both shake our heads in dismay
We throw up our hands with heavy sighs
And we all walk away

The sun shines bright, bringing warmth and light
I continue the journey of strife
I don’t look back lest I see the sight
Of the zombies carnival of life

Andrew Folkler