Mother, Mother

Mother, Mother, I sing your name

I wish to hear your voice

The hymns and chants of all the saints

I disregard as noise

The songs you sing, the frames you paint

With flowing love and joy

Angelic wings and saving grace

Each blessing met with poise

I’m old tommorow, but I’m a child today

I’m playful and I’m coy

But when I’m lost and led astray

I run back to your voice

To dance with passion and sing with glee

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Mother, Mother, hear me call to you

I write your name in the stars

For when the sun goes down, you are the moon

To guide me in the dark

The seasons may change and the people change too

Whether I travel near or far

And despite these storms, you always knew

That strength is found in the heart

You fed me, you bathed me, all through my youth

Till the day I left your arms

And I took on the world, I saw the truth

And ran back to your warmth

To see and know with clarity

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Mother, Mother, feel my embrace

And know that I have grown

Life moves so fast, it’s quite the race

I am longing to come home

When tears run down, I look upon your face

For sorrow is all I have known

The world can be such a dangerous place

When you choose to walk alone

You lift my head, my spirit you raise

And say, “My child, always know

That a mother’s love and a mother’s faith

Is worth more than the rich man’s gold”

To find strength in love, let love run free

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Andrew Folkler