Image Credits: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

At first there was nothing
Nothing but gas and dust
Swirling in the depths of space
Laying the beginning of my crux

It was the collision of forces
Which gave me life
And the fires of heaven
That granted me sight

And in the flash of light
I saw myself form
A star which would burn so bright
And then I was born

My purpose was clear
Who I was born to be
I would glow and shed light
In places others could not see

For with birth, there was purpose
And with purpose came fate
A future not set in stone
But the choices I make

The power of choice gave me hope
That despite all my pains
That my star would glow brighter
While engulfed in the flames

For we learned through millennia
While we aged through time
That pain is part of life
As fire keeps me alive

And we danced in the skies
Taking pride we exist
Waltzing till the end of time
Granting every child’s wish

From there came days of passion
Where my insides ignite
The flames around me grow stronger
Casting the purest form of light

For it was the light of the soul
That gave life to a star
Scattering the skies with gold
In a world that was dark

For this was the light
That bridged the distance in space
Allowing me to look
At your radiant face

Then I saw the combustion of a star
A stellar explosion in space
She closed her eyes and said goodbye
And left a legacy in her place

For the longest time
The world felt so dark
And our hearts mourned to the beat
Of the song for fallen stars

But her glow never left us
As if she was here forevermore
For a part of her was within us
Shining brighter than before

And throughout the millennia
My light never dulled
Though the fires within me
Began to grow cold

When the cataclysm drew near
And my body began to fail
I closed my eyes and I said
To those I love, Farewell

A stellar explosion of colour
Radiating more energy than before
Illuminating the seas of space
Bathing the worlds with warmth

And in the flash of light
I knew my time had come
The star it burned so bright
And then I was gone

Andrew Folkler