Image Credits: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

At first there was nothing
Nothing but gas and dust
Swirling in the depths of space
Laying the beginning of my crux

It was the collision of forces
Which gave me life
And the fires of heaven
That granted me sight

And in the flash of light
I saw myself form
A star which would burn so bright
And then I was born

My purpose was clear
Who I was born to be
I would glow and shed light
In places others could not see

For with birth, there was purpose
And with purpose came fate
A future not set in stone
But the choices I make

The power of choice gave me hope
That despite all my pains
That my star would glow brighter
While engulfed in the flames

For we learned through millennia
While we aged through time
That pain is part of life
As fire keeps me alive

And we danced in the skies
Taking pride we exist
Waltzing till the end of time
Granting every child’s wish

From there came days of passion
Where my insides ignite
The flames around me grow stronger
Casting the purest form of light

For it was the light of the soul
That gave life to a star
Scattering the skies with gold
In a world that was dark

For this was the light
That bridged the distance in space
Allowing me to look
At your radiant face

Then I saw the combustion of a star
A stellar explosion in space
She closed her eyes and said goodbye
And left a legacy in her place

For the longest time
The world felt so dark
And our hearts mourned to the beat
Of the song for fallen stars

But her glow never left us
As if she was here forevermore
For a part of her was within us
Shining brighter than before

And throughout the millennia
My light never dulled
Though the fires within me
Began to grow cold

When the cataclysm drew near
And my body began to fail
I closed my eyes and I said
To those I love, Farewell

A stellar explosion of colour
Radiating more energy than before
Illuminating the seas of space
Bathing the worlds with warmth

And in the flash of light
I knew my time had come
The star it burned so bright
And then I was gone

Andrew Folkler

The Carnival of Life

The Carnival of Life

The hour is nigh, a moonlit night
Streamers line the walls
Fireworks spiral into the sky
Laughter echoes in the halls

A bottle is passed, each fills their glass
With rich summer wine
By the fire they wait for the winter to pass
As they drink away their life

To me they ask, put on your mask!
And join us in this charade
Let us dance and make romance!
To this never ending masquerade

The Carnival begins, yet it never ends
Zombies pretending to be alive
For if the naked emperor has no friends
They wake up to their desolate lives

Joy with strife, it cuts like a knife
So they place their dreams on their shelves
Another trophy for the Carnival of Life
To remain slaves to themselves

A stream of streamers, candlelight glimmers
The sky now hidden with clouds
The candle flickers, then is consumed by winter
And the last bit of warmth dies out

The night is bitter, alone I shivered
Wishing safety to those I belove
Yet the cold unshakeable, I shaked and quivered
Pondering the mysteries of love

So I plead why, the Carnival of Life?
I need an answer to my pleas
They laugh and cry, perhaps this will suffice
The dead need somewhere to retreat

But what about affection? And Self Resurrection?
Why condemn them as lies
Tunnel Vision! You lack interpretation!
The Dead can never truly die!

These bridges of ice, that bridged our eyes
We both shake our heads in dismay
We throw up our hands with heavy sighs
And we all walk away

The sun shines bright, bringing warmth and light
I continue the journey of strife
I don’t look back lest I see the sight
Of the zombies carnival of life

Andrew Folkler

Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn

Image Credits: John Hernandez on Unsplash.

A finished painting, better left unpainted
The artist with an empty mind
Watched his brush strokes become tainted
Void of creative design
He pulled his hair, pondered and waited
For rhythm and for rhyme
The Song of Silence he so hated
Brought death to his sublime
Heavy eyes, his heart was jaded
His portrait without life
Melancholic he is antiquated
To be forgotten beyond his time
“Grant me vision! Grant me light!”
He cried to the stars of night

Godless and insane
Was the Preacher of the sky
He only wished to break all chains
And defeat the father of lies
And when he tried to count the names
Of those he had saved
He found there none, the hellish games
Had claimed them all as slaves
He fell down broken and afraid
Separated from the gods
He counts his crimes and charades
Awaiting the hall of frauds
“Give me a sign and end this night!”
He cried into the empty sky

Empty and without purpose
Was the Scholar of renown
His greatest riches were now worthless
No kingdom but a crown
He recalls a time when a young apprentice
Whom he taught all he’d known
Left to live life stelliferous
So the scholar travelled alone
Without a map, without a compass
In the night the Scholar roams
To know the cosmos, it was so pointless
When the stars all point to home
“Who am I to exist this night?”
Cried the dispirited erudite 

It began in the halls of the divine
With golden pillars and silken drapes
The Artist clamors and he cries 
For his portrait, a primal ape
The Scholar enters with a glass of wine
A smile filled with contentment
He broaches the Artist with a sigh
Arrogance and resentment
“My dear friend, you mustn’t cry
Your art fills me with impression!
For every stroke will please the eye
And reveal your great depression!”
“Enough” The Artist cried, “You cut me with a knife”
“You speak as though you have died, jealous of my life”

The Scholar winced in pain
And feigned illness too
“Were I but a broken man
I would lie and cry with you”
“I have heard enough!” The Priest exclaims
“This has gone too far
You condemn this man and his pains
Have you no beating heart?”
The Artist chimes, “You name me broken
Your logic is your hell
Your pride and your ego’s spoken
They bind you in a cell”
“Cast away emotion” the Artist chimed “And you commit self treason!”
“Drown in the ocean” the Scholar replied, “When you forget the power of reason!”

“Gentlemen!” The Priest exclaims
“You argue with persistence!
Perhaps I can end this game 
Of meaningless existence!
Before you a divine trial
Sent from heavens above
Break away the devils beguile
And embrace the power of love!
Witness strength on your knees
And devote yourselves to faith
A man is strong when he loves peace
And lives with self restraint!
So sing with me the songs and hymns
And I shall save you from within!”

The Artist shakes his head
The Scholar left in laughter
The Scholar cried “God is dead”
The Artist chimed thereafter
“I cannot live amongst the church
Their doctrine is my frustration
I rather struggle, limp, and lurch
Than lose my inspiration
They take you and they break you
To lose all sense of self
Break their rules and they forsake you
To a life of living hell”
The Scholar smiles, nods and agrees
Loudly clears his voice, then proceeds

“You speak of heaven with such faith
I face a contradiction
To pray and worship imperceptible space
Is the source of my confliction
Today you claim the power to heal
The broken and afraid
Then martyrs draw their swords with zeal
And leave destruction in their wake
Yesterday in ecstasy
You burned people to the stake
Your rationale complexes me
You say they fell from grace
Tomorrow a mystery, you would have me believe
So you take my coin then my life, such is the god of thieves”

The Priest listened intently
Biting his lower lip
The Artist speaks gently
“You sail a sinking ship”
To the Scholar “You once were a King
Yet now a wandering vagrant
Your fall is all what history sings
A melodious arrangement
You thought yourself no danger
Your eyes reveal your surprise
Yet I recognize you stranger
And your kingdom’s bloody demise
All these paintings I have painted and poems that I wrote
Are all recorded in the tomes of history you quote!”

A final chord begins
To end the minor song
The strings, the horns, the drums and winds
O chorale of amber dawn!
A parade of fairies, sprites, and nymphs
Dancing down the hall
O Titania! Come sing the hymns!
And begin the cosmic ball!
Behind marched men clad in steel
Their crest known near and far
The horn was blown and they all kneeled
To the Saint Joan of Arc
“In Heaven’s grace if I am not, may God put me there;
And if I am, may God so keep me!” Loudly she declared

“Such profound faith” exclaimed the Preacher
“Her devotion leaves me breathless!”
The Artist chimes, “Titania shall be my teacher!”
“I must learn to know my senses!”
The Scholar cried “But wait my friends!” 
“Look! Behold the eloquent rider!
Her brilliance and wisdom surpasses men
Teach me! O Princess Ida!”
Behind Ida, flower girls threw crimson petals
To the preludes final cadence
Stars explode and when the stardust settles
So enters the flying phoenix
All eyes then watched the horizon
For the coming of the amber dawn!

Lydian chords are sung
Backed by choral ostinato
Skies are kissed by the amber sun
She warms them with bravado
Iridescent she dressed
Regal, she treads the sky
And all who gazed at her smile were blessed
By the infinite spectrum of light
She raised her hands. O Morning Glory!
At her side the Phoenix perched
She began to dance and she sang the story
That only gods and stars have heard
And with each step she paints with bliss, the skies and the sea
So the nights shall glow with Aurora’s kiss and synchronicity

Her beams of light, the mother of creation
Gave the flora the strength to grow
And every sapling became a tree of ancient
Wisdom of the world 
All men, all women, children and fae
Knelt to the rising sun
For the night has ended. O Glorious Day!
Lead us O Amber one!
O Queen of Amber! May your reign
Guide us to absolution
And with the night, you bring Selene!
To grant us resolution
Hail to the rising sun!
Hail to the amber dawn!

The Artist was transfixed
“How eloquent was her verse!
She warms the soul and heals the sick
My spirit has emerged!
Her dress, her hair, her crown of daisies
And her prose has brought me catharsis
I am freed from the demons that once dazed me
Now I gaze at Aurora Borealis
To paint like her, how I wish I may
Possess the heavens in my hands
O Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet!
They must have seen her dance!
To inspire is to be inspired
The soul of art shall never tire!”

The Priest exclaimed, “ I now can see!
The grave errors of my credence
I longed for heaven yet would not believe
I was my own impedance!
I climbed up mountains and touched the skies
And I prayed for divine love
Yet I failed to see before my eyes
O amber goddess, dawn above
Queen of lions! O Daughter of Ra!
I stand in salutation
My purpose clear, to shine light in the dark
O arbiter of creation!
To heal is to be healed!
The preacher’s fate is now sealed!

The Scholar nodded and timidly agreed
“I see I have lived in fear
I watched the world through lens of greed
And now abundantly clear
I watched the goddess with her grace
Dance with heavenly fire
Like lightning and thunder she struck my face
And rained with pure sapphire
I thought the Princess was the light
But no, my journey has just begun
I bend the knee O Queen of Skies!
O amber dawn, O amber sun!
My purpose is to find my purpose
I found it! My life is no longer worthless!”

The Scholar, the Priest and the Artist
All embraced with love
They thanked each other then departed
And thanked the Goddess above
The scholar lived a peaceful life
In a village by the ocean
And with each dawn he cherished light
Embracing his emotion
The Artist painted, sang and wrote
For he the chronicler of time
And with each piece he touched each soul
For he knew the cosmic rhyme
The priest in lotus, lost in meditation
Reduced to dust and joined creation

And so begins the end of the cosmic ball
Where heavens and earth align
Where seekers of truth find golden halls
And cords of life entwine
Heavens and earth from near and far
Joined hands in the apotheosis
For every being was once a star
They exploded to become conscious
And every painting, song and prose
Entwines us through space and time
To hand another the Empyrean Rose
A bouquet for metanoic minds
O Fermata! A final chord is played!
The song has ended until the dawn, O new day!

Andrew Folkler

A Sonnet of Space

A Sonnet of Space

Image Credits: Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.

Whispered like the wind
Find the truth within me
And dance with me again

Come now, I shall sing you a song
One of passion, love, and sorrow
A moments luck and lifetimes wrong
And the yearning for the morrow

So come sing to me I cried!
O’ Astronaut hear the space roar
Shielded from all those who lied
About the minor cosmic chord

Take my hand and climb the ladder into space!
And in my breaking point, I saw the constellations on her face.

Andrew Folkler

The Siren’s Song

The Siren’s Song

Image Credits: Ali Inay on Unsplash.

Sing for me the siren’s song
Where the horizon meets the sea
I collapse in anguish, for all my wrongs
Are now revealed to me

I kicked and screamed, begged and pleaded
To be released from my bonds
I cursed my friends, for they are heathens
For they don’t hear the song

O Sirens how your beauty strikes me
How sweet your voice sings 
You struck my heart with a bolt of lightning
Enchanted by everything

My friends ignore me, they look with sorrow
As though I were a failure
I scream for more than the song of morrow
Or the eulogy of the sailor

I cried my last tear of electric lust
Their song fades in the wind
To be burdened with truth, knowledge and trust
To become the Ithacan King

Andrew Folkler

A Portrait of You

A Portrait of You

Image Credits: JR Korpa on Unsplash.

Quietly staring at an empty canvas

I freeze every single thought

Yet your smile brings back memories of sadness

Memories you wish I forgot

So I will paint you a portrait of all our pains

Our joy and our regret

And piece together our shattered remains

Of our crystalline duet

I start with green, meadows and trees

The air, fresh with morning dew

A seafoam dress and emerald rings

All in harmony with you

The crashing waves, the ocean blue

The infinite sky above me

A storm of the tropics, I rained monsoons

To quench the thirst of green

And when the sun rises, her yellow light

Glistens in your earthy eyes

So fear not child, this sleepless night

Has ended, the sea now dries

With orange comes adventure, a fiery rush

I create as I speak

But when there is no time, but a quiet hush

The sun begins to recede

Then I paint with red, a vibrant hue

Of blood, fire, and anger

A kiss then lies, which one is true

I never feared the danger

Brown wet earth, beneath our feet

Our tears go unseen

I dare not say that I am weak

And wish you come back to me

The night brings black, I cannot see

The nights are quiet and cold

What good is fire, when the winter breeze

Blows fire to cinders and smoke

A silver moon, and silver linings

In moonlight you are most alive

A kiss for you in longful pining

O sultry shadow of the night

Drips of white, starlit skies

And the beaming alpenglow

When the world was cold, you were mine

But like the moon, you had to go

A violet dawn, and a violet spring

A violent burst of light

I will see you again just to hear you sing

Gone is the innocence of white

And with each stroke and every color

The story of you and me

And if you asked if I would choose any other

I would paint a world where you were free

Your smile brings me sadness

Because it veils so much pain

But I hope with this painted canvas

You will one day live with joy again

Andrew Folkler

Mother, Mother

Mother, Mother

Mother, Mother, I sing your name

I wish to hear your voice

The hymns and chants of all the saints

I disregard as noise

The songs you sing, the frames you paint

With flowing love and joy

Angelic wings and saving grace

Each blessing met with poise

I’m old tommorow, but I’m a child today

I’m playful and I’m coy

But when I’m lost and led astray

I run back to your voice

To dance with passion and sing with glee

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Mother, Mother, hear me call to you

I write your name in the stars

For when the sun goes down, you are the moon

To guide me in the dark

The seasons may change and the people change too

Whether I travel near or far

And despite these storms, you always knew

That strength is found in the heart

You fed me, you bathed me, all through my youth

Till the day I left your arms

And I took on the world, I saw the truth

And ran back to your warmth

To see and know with clarity

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Mother, Mother, feel my embrace

And know that I have grown

Life moves so fast, it’s quite the race

I am longing to come home

When tears run down, I look upon your face

For sorrow is all I have known

The world can be such a dangerous place

When you choose to walk alone

You lift my head, my spirit you raise

And say, “My child, always know

That a mother’s love and a mother’s faith

Is worth more than the rich man’s gold”

To find strength in love, let love run free

This dear mother, you have taught to me

Andrew Folkler